Custom-printed masks help you keep your people SAFE
 while promoting your business, location, brand or message.

We currently offer three types of masks:

Most popular! (lowest-cost option)

Polyester-outside / Cotton-inside
- contrasting strap all-around border
Form-fitting with elastic strap

Polyester-outside / Cotton-inside
- contrasting strap all-around border
- 3-D seams at top/bottom center
- form-fitting with elastic strap
Generous cut + adjustable strap!

Polyester-outside / Cotton-inside
- full-bleed with no contrasting strap
- 3-D seams at top/bottom center
- adjustable to fit all people comfortably
- looser on the face for more comfort
To order masks, call or e-mail us at:
Non-medical Grade Safety Masks
~  Custom-Printed with Your Artwork   ~
30-DAY DELIVERY - Price includes: Set-up + AIR delivery
ADULT, YOUTH, and CHILD sizes available.
Promote SAFETY with memorable designs
Keep your brand front-and-center in the days and weeks and months to come...
QTY A1 A2 B1 B2 D2 Plus 2 PM2.5 Filters & Inner Pocket Polybag w/Sticker Peggable Polybag w/Sticker Fold Card w/Sticker
100 $3.58 $3.12 $3.79 $3.47 $4.15 $2.02 $0.61 $0.71 $1.21
300 $3.25 $2.84 $3.44 $3.16 $3.78 $1.84 $0.55 $0.65 $1.10
500 $2.74 $2.36 $2.93 $2.63 $3.25 $1.67 $0.46 $0.54 $0.94
1000 $2.38 $2.04 $2.57 $2.32 $2.94 $1.61 $0.38 $0.47 $0.90
2500 $2.23 $1.92 $2.42 $2.20 $2.82 $1.59 $0.32 $0.42 $0.88
5000 $2.12 $1.84 $2.31 $2.12 $2.74 $1.55 $0.30 $0.39 $0.86
*AI and B1 masks are one-color screen-printing costs. **ADD-ON adjustable straps to A or B styles for $0.23 per unit.

Cascadia Apparel is based in Seattle, WA.
We provide custom-embroidered and custom-printed apparel to businesses online.

We now offer custom-printed safety masks
for US-based businesses, schools, and organizations.

Almost every business and educational institution needs masks to safely reopen the economy.
By building out our own mask-making capability, we’ve minimized layoffs and offer the same skilled production, quick responsiveness, and high-quality experience our customers expect.

We pivoted a lot of excess factory capacity to face masks. With the COVID outbreak, we decided to pivot fast and re-fit facilities to keep our 220 employees working and employed. After trying to outsource face masks from different overseas suppliers, our leadership realized quality, pricing and reliability was poor. Plus, suppliers weren’t interested in orders under 5000 pieces. Knowing our customers’ needs, we decided to sew them ourselves!

Currently, our patch-making facility’s 5th-floor meeting  room has become a 30-station sewing factory where our custom masks are printed, cut, sewn, and shipped. By building out mask-making capacity during COVID, we’re able to supply custom-printed masks with the same quality, great service, and competitive prices our Cascadia Apparel customers expect from us.

We were proud to be Costco’s partner for 13 years and to now offer you
a one-stop shop with the same great value you received from Costco.

If you were a prior Costco Apparel customer, your info is saved for you to access on demand:
  • Your art, colors, and threads from previous orders are available.
  • Our apparel experts and designers are here to help via phone or email.
  • Place an ORDER online — it takes just minutes from wherever you are…
For more information on our products and services please contact our sales staff: