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What is your turnaround?
We have most orders delivered in 2 weeks after proof is approved. We have rush options available.

How do I place an order?
Best way is to email us at
Please send:
  1. Style
  2. Color
  3. Quantity per size
  4. Attach your art with sizes and colors called out
  5. How soon do you need them
Our product expert will be in touch quickly to make suggestions and make sure you get a product you will be proud to wear.

What is your approval process?
We will review your designs to ensure each will function properly for the requested decoration process. Once the layout is agreed upon, we will send you a proof image of the design, a photo of a sew-out, or a digital mock-up, depending on the type of decoration. We won't start the project until we have your approval.

What is your shipping policy?
We have free ground shipping on orders more than $250. We have a flat fee of $30 for ground shipping under $250. We can quote air shipping prices if needed.

Cancellation policy
We offer a 3-hour grace period to make edits to your order after you've placed it. There is a 20% restocking fee if you cancel your order after we've begun processing and blanks have been ordered. We offer no refunds on orders that have been started for decoration.

What thread colors do you use?
Technically, we have Madeira brand thread in poly. However, we have over 300 colors, so we can match just about anything. The best way to communicate a color is to use a PMS (Pantone Matching System) color number. We can also get custom colors for a small cost if needed. You can view our stock thread colors here.

What Ink colors do you use?
We can match anything by custom mixing ink if you give us the PMS color (Pantone Matching System). You can view our stock ink colors here.

What if I’m not happy with your quality?
We’ll do our best to fix it but if you’re still not happy then we have a money back guarantee.

Can I get a sample before we run full production?
We can send a pre-production sample for $75. We prefer to do this on any order over $2500. For embroidery orders, we also have the option to mail physical swatches of the thread on similar fabric for $25.

How do you price jobs with multiple styles and colors?
We can combine a style and its companion styles that get the same embroidery for higher volume-based prices. Embroidery files are made for specific fabrics so it’s not possible to embroider a file on various styles with great results because each style has different characteristics that won’t sew exactly the same. We create a custom file for each fabric.
Screen Printing
We have more flexibility of combining styles for volume discounts since material has less impact on the printing. As long as the printing is the same we can combine for the best volume discount. In many cases, you need a smaller print setup for youth shirts so we must run those separately and price those as independent jobs.

Do you have all saved layouts from Costco Print and Copy for the last 13 years?
Yes, we have every apparel style, ink, thread and all info to recreate them perfectly.

What was your relationship with Costco Wholesale?
For more than 13 years we were their supplier for custom apparel. We built the platform they used to take and process orders and handled all manufacturing on their behalf. They believe very strongly in passing great value back to their members and standing behind quality with a money back guarantee. These principles helped shape our core values of value, quality and ease of use.

Do you use outside art files?
We normally do not use customer-provided production art files in our decoration process. We tailor-make production files for your requested garment type to ensure the highest quality decoration we can provide and have the best compatibility with our machines.